Begonia Strawberry 4”


The Strawberry Begonia is an easy care plant that comes with a pop of color. Their leaves are coated in tiny hairs much like other species of Begonia. These handsome plants will reward you with flowers in the spring and summer months. Strawberry Begonia’s can often be seen sprouting runners with baby plants on the end. These are easy to propagate which means you can pass them along to friends or grow yourself more Strawberry Begonia’s!


Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings.

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The Saxifraga Stolonifera, commonly known as the Strawberry Begonia, is easily recognizible by its red underside and red runners. These runners produce new plants on each end that can later be planted to start a new. For even more pop of color, the variegated Strawberry Begonia has bright pink and white varigation on the leaves. This plant is native to Korea and Japan, where it can often be found growing on almost any surface. In the spring and summer months, your Strawberry Begonia will reward you with pink or white flowers.


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