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We are excited to offer three selections of plant subscriptions every quarter (every 3 months).  Every 3 months, based on the subscription package, the subscriber will receive one new plant with care instructions.  The chosen subscription will automatically be delivered to the recipients home or office every 3 months.  These plants are hand selected and hand delivered from our extensive greenhouse.  Our talented horticulturist staff have the knowledge and expertise to bring you the right plant for your plan.  We will provide you a variety of plants that will not be the same within a 2-year period.  

After your initial purchase, you will be charged on the same day every 3 months from the original purchase.  You should receive your plant within 7 days of your reoccurring subscription date. 

You may cancel your subscription any time before your next order processes.  For convenience, you will receive an email advising you that an upcoming subscription charge is imminent.

Unfortunately no – but rest assured! Our team is highly talented and trained to pick out a great selection, and more importantly, they love plants – and will make sure the plant you receive is unique, special, and in need of a new plant home 💚

Yes – Our subscriptions offer an add-on where you can receive your plant already planted in a pot, and ready to be put out on the shelf.  The pots you receive your plant in will be a neutral colored pot selected by our staff. 

Yes – In the future we will have the option to gift a subscription.  We will offer yearly gift subscriptions, so you will be charged for 4 deliveries up front, and your recipient will receive our plant deliveries every 3 months for 4 cycles from date of purchase. 

Ready to get started?

Rare Plants Subscription

For our rare plant subscription, we find those elusive and hidden beauties in the industry and bring them right to your door.  Our plant experts are always on the lookout for what’s rare and hot in the plant world, so your collection will be full of exotic beauties. 

Everyday Plants Subscription (coming soon)

Are you a fan of plants, but just not sure what to pick or have the time to come out? We have you covered. Our greenhouse staff will hand select a healthy, vibrant houseplant and have it delivered right to your door every 3 months, with care card instructions! 

Orchid Subscription

Elegant, beautiful, and a time-honored classic- the orchid subscription is focused directly on the orchid species, bringing you a variety of different orchids every 3 months to keep your space stylish and chic.  We will provide care instructions with each delivery. 


Not sure if a subscription is right for you, or you have additional questions?  Fill out our form below with your thoughts, and a member of our team will contact you back and ease your mind about the process and fun of having a plant subscription!