Rare & Unique Plant Subscription
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Rare & Unique Plant Subscription

$185.00 every 3 months

OK we get it, you aren’t a plant parent anymore! YOU’RE A PLANT GRANDPARENT! You’ve nurtured many plants through the years, with some even being propagated into more, and are looking for the next challenge. Your collection needs new plants that stand out. After all how many times can you tell that same story of how you nurtured your spider plant back from death (as if it was possible to kill those guys!).

Here’s the scoop:

  • Moscarillo’s horticulturists have the time of their life selecting a plant that is hard to find due to it being new or due to it being hard to procure.
  • Plants will usually be of a medium size. Such as a 6″ grower pot and plant size varying but generally about 6″-10″ tall (or wide if a trailing plant)
  • We will work to ensure delivery takes place when you want it, that’s why we operate our own delivery fleet after all! No more cold plants on the front porch.
  • A custom care sheet will be provided explaining the plants origins and care

  • Easy and convenient return policy
  • Great quality products and customer service for 5 generations


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