Fern Birds Nest Assorted 4”


This crisp and ruffled fern has gained popularity in recent years for its air purifying qualities and unique texture. The leaves of the Birds Nest Fern form from the center of the plant, which closely resembles a bird’s nest. Preferring to be in a humid environment, the bathroom is a great option for this fern.


Bright Indirect to Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings.

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First appearing on the fossil record as far back as 360 million years ago, the Fern species we know and love today have been around for around 145 million years. With over 10,000 different species in existence, Ferns can be found on every continent except Antarctica. In the home, your Fern will thrive in a humid location with a moderate amount of light. Commonly found in forests and wetlands, your Fern needs to maintain soil moisture or it will begin to dry out and get crunchy.


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