Ficus Repens Variegated 4”


Commonly called the Creeping Fig, the Ficus Repens is a stunning trailing plant with small glossy foliage. This plant makes an excellent choice for a hanging basket due to its trailing vines. Ficus Repens can also be seen attach themselves onto surfaces such as gates and the sides of homes.


Bright Indirect Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings.

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Native to Asia, Ficus is a genus made up of nearly 900 different species. In a family so large, Ficus can be found in the form of trees, shrubs, and vines. Certain species of Ficus, like the Lyrata, are commonly referred to as figs due to the fruit they can bare. As a houseplant, Ficus are known to be quite fussy if disturbed. Try to maintain a stable light source for your Ficus to avoid it shedding leaves.


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