Stromanthe Triostar 4”


Commonly mistaken for a Calathea, the Stromanthe Triostar is a close relative! The Stromanthe Tristar can be easily identified by its stunning green, cream, and pink variegated foliage. The undersides and stems are a vibrant hot pink that will leave you speachless. While more fussy than some, the striking foliage of this plant makes going the extra mile completely worth it.


Bright Indirect to Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings.

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The beauty and coloring of the Stromanthe Triostar is out of this world. Native to the Brazilian rainforests, this beauty will appreciate moderate amounts of light and a regular watering schedule. Because they’re so particular in their care, they do require a little bit more of a hands on approach. With such beauty, a little extra time is worth it to maintain your Stromanthe’s health.


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