Yucca Cane 6”


The long woody cane of the Yucca houses a delightful spray of spikey green foliage. Overall an easy plant to care for, just about anyone will have luck with one. Keep your Yucca Cane in a bright location for a faster growth rate, but avoid direct sun as it can burn the leaves.


Bright Direct Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

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Yucca Cane are a highly saught after houseplant for their easy care and simple design. Native to South America, the Caribbean, and the southern states of the US, you can expect to give a Yucca Cane similar care in the home. They require a bright indirect light and soil that dries out in between waterings. Extracts from the Yucca plant are commonly used as a soap or dietary supplement.


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