Begonia Rex 4”
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Begonia Rex 4”


The Rex Begonia is truly a special plant. Looking closely at its foliage, they appear to sparkle in the light. With color options like red, silver, and purple, there’s bound to be a begonia you don’t have in your collection. Their easy going nature means you can enjoy an exotic looking plant without having to fuss over it.


Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

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The Rex Begonia’s name is a blanket term for Begonia’s who grow from a rhizome. This type of Begonia is easily identifiable by it’s hairy stems, textured leaves, and bright colors. They do bare flowers like other types of Begonia, but they’re less significant is presentation. The Rex Begonia is native to northern India and has since been introduced to Bangladesh and and Cuba, but can be found enjoyed as houseplants all over the world.


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