Cephalocereus senilis – Old Man Cactus 6″
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Cephalocereus senilis – Old Man Cactus 6″


This cactus is known for its covering of white hair, which gives it the nickname “Old Man Cactus” – This white hair is used to insulate the stem from daytime desert heat and cold nights, as it is native from Mexico.  As a cactus, its care is forgiving which makes it an easier houseplant to have at home.


Bright Direct Light


Water every 2-3 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

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Cactus are most commonly found throughout Mexico and in the Southwestern states of the US. Many species of cactus have evolved over time to combat the drought they can often face. Their needles act as a shield from the desert predators who want to feast on them. Many cactus species will flower, and some even produce edible fruits. A sunny, warm environment like their natural one will provide you with such rewards.


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