Jonathan Green Seed Roll 50sqf
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Jonathan Green Seed Roll 50sqf


  • FOR BARE SPOTS & SLOPES – Black Beauty SeedRoll is a biodegradable grass seed mat that is ideal for seeding hilly areas and reseeding bare spots in your yard. The best time to apply is mid-August to mid-October, or mid-March through mid-May.
  • ALL-IN-ONE BARE SPOT SOLUTION – Our grass seed mat is an all-in-one bare spot patching solution. It has Black Beauty Ultra grass seed, starter lawn fertilizer, and mulch. Included grass types are tall fescue, perennial rye, and Kentucky bluegrass.
  • CONTAINS BLACK BEAUTY ULTRA GRASS SEED – Black Beauty Ultra is a cool-season grass seed that produces grass that is dark green in color and drought-tolerant. Grows best in sunny or shady areas, and germinates in 10 – 20 days.
  • CONCEALS YOUR GRASS SEED – The germination mat protects grass seed from being washed away from heavy rain. It also conceals your grass seed from birds. The biodegradable grass seed mat warms the soil below and allows light and water to penetrate.
  • ROLL, WATER, & WATCH GROW – SeedRoll provides 50 sq. ft. of coverage and is easy to use. Simply lay or unroll over the prepared area, cut to desired shape, and water frequently. Easily shape SeedRoll by cutting with scissors or tearing by hand.

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