Monstera Del Tauerii 8″


A beautiful tropical evergreen known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera Tauerii has large green split leaves that bring the wow factor.  They are a low-care Monstera, and the Tauerii is the dwarf version of the Monstera Deliciosa.


Bright, Indirect Light


Keep moist soil at all times

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Deep in the forests of Southern Mexico, Monstera dominate the scenery. Using their aerial roots, Monstera attach themselves to tree trunks, rocks, and the soil. In the home, the Monstera is a go to for many plant collectors due to its easy care and fast growth rates. The Monstera prefers bright indirect light, similar to what it would find in the forest. Make sure not to over water your Monstera as they can suffer from fungus gnats and root rot.


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