Norfolk Island Pine 14”


Commonly enjoyed near the holidays, the Norfolk Island Pine makes an excellent houseplant year round. Relatively undemanding when it comes to care, this tropical beauty will thrive in most indoor environments. New needles come in neon green and get darker with age, creating a stunning gradient on each frond.


Bright Direct to Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

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Despite the name Norfolk Island Pine, this beauty is actually a tropical plant only native to Norfolk Island. They have since been cultivated in other parts of the world and taken into the homes of plant lovers everwhere. While reaching up to heights of 200 feet in the wild, in the home these plants are very slow growing and will reach max heights of 6-8 feet at maturity. Norfolk Island Pine thrive best in bright indirect light, but will tolerate slightly lower levels as well. Being a tropical, it can handle soil moisture but should never be kept wet as this will lead to root rot.


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