Lambert Peat Moss 2.2 CU Ft
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Lambert Peat Moss 2.2 CU Ft


Lambert Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss is made entirely of Canadian sphagnum peat moss that is OMRI listed for organic production. Excellent amendment for its water retention and soil aeration capacities. Lambert sphagnum peat moss is a natural product that provides organic matter to flower beds and vegetable gardens. This mixture should be used as part of a complete fertilization program. 

Product Features

  • OMRI Listed for organic use
  • Adds body to light and sandy soils
  • Aerates heavy and clay soils
  • Saves water
  • Facilitates cultivation
  • Reduces the possibility of erosion
  • Reduces the loss of fertilizer by leaching
  • Protects the soil from drying out and hardening

  • Easy and convenient return policy
  • Great quality products and customer service for 5 generations


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