Strelitzia Reginae Orange Bird of Paradise 14”
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Strelitzia Reginae Orange Bird of Paradise 14”


If you’ve been looking for a large leafed tropic beauty, take a peak at the Bird of Paradise. Averaging at around 6 feet tall, your eyes will always be drawn to their sleek stems and bannana like fronds. While rare, if provided enough sun and care, your Bird of Paradise can produce vibrant blooms that resemble the head of a crane.


Bright Direct to Moderate Light


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

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Native to South Africa, high levels of sun are an absolute must for keeping your Bird of Paradise healthy. While in the genus of Strelitzia, Bird of Paradise are closely related to Bananas and are often mistaken for Banana Plants. While it is highly uncommon, provided the right conditions your Bird of Paradise can produce blooms like it does out in the wild. The splits in their leaves are an adaptation to harsh winds that helps prevent snapping in the wild.


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